News & Announcements: What is LCAP, and why is it so important?

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Over the last few years, you’ve probably heard about LCAP: The Local Control and Accountability Plan. But what exactly does that mean, and why should you participate in EUSD’s upcoming LCAP community meetings?

In a nutshell: Imagine being able to provide input and help influence EUSD’s educational priorities and budgetary spending. That’s what the LCAP process does.

In July 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed a new school funding model into law. This new plan is known as the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), and it requires school districts like EUSD to develop an LCAP that guides priorities in the budget development process.

Each district’s LCAP must be built around eight priority areas identified by the California Department of Education:

  1. Access to core services
  2. Implementation of Common Core State Standards
  3. Access to a broad course of study
  4. Student achievement
  5. Other student outcomes
  6. Student engagement
  7. Parent involvement
  8. School climate

But while these priority areas are dictated by the State, the specific goals and targets within each area are largely determined by each school district.

In other words, LCAP helps ensure that EUSD — not Sacramento — will have more authority to spend precious resources in a way that is better aligned with the needs of the Escondido community and our students.

That’s why opportunities for public input are so critical to the development of the LCAP. In fact, the following EUSD programs and initiatives were created or expanded as a direct result of LCAP input we received from 2014 through 2017:

  • Summer school
  • Dual Language programs at four of our schools
  • Before and after school intervention and enrichment programs
  • Physical Education teachers at every school
  • Family liaisons at every school
  • Social workers at every school
  • School-based resource teachers at every school who help teachers customize learning plans for their students
  • District coaches and coordinators to support additional on-site professional development with an emphasis on English Learners, STEM, Math, Language Arts, and Technology
  • A one-to-one iPad program for new teachers as part of our iREAD program
  • Our new district website, Facebook page, and other marketing efforts designed to improve communication with parents and reverse declining enrollment

Learn more and get involved

As you can see, your input and involvement truly does make a difference. That’s why we encourage you to learn more from the LCAP website…