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Policies: Firearms on School Grounds

Business and Noninstructional Operations
BP 3515.7(a)

The Board of Education is committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff, and visitors on campus. The superintendent or designee shall consult with local law enforcement and other appropriate individuals and agencies to address the security of school campuses.

  • (cf. 3515 – Campus Security)
  • (cf. 3515.2 – Disruptions)
  • (cf. 3513.3 – District Police/Security Department)
  • (cf. 4158/4258/4358 – Employee Security)
  • (cf. 5131.4 – Student Disturbances)
  • (cf. 5131.7 – Weapons and Dangerous Instruments)

Possession of a firearm on or within 1,000 feet of school grounds is prohibited, except under the limited circumstances specified in Penal Code 626.9. School grounds include, but are not limited to, school buildings, fields, storage areas, and parking lots. (Penal Code 626.9)

If a district employee observes or suspects that any unauthorized person is in possession of a firearm on or near school grounds or at a school activity, he/she shall immediately notify the principal or designee and law enforcement.

The prohibition against the possession of firearms on school grounds shall be included in the district’s comprehensive safety plan and shall be communicated to district staff, parents/guardians, and the community.

  • (cf. 1450 – Comprehensive Safety Plan)
  • (cf. 1112 – Media Relations)
  • (cf. 1113 – District and School Web Sites)
  • (cf. 1114 – District-Sponsored Social Media)

Legal Reference:


  • 32281 Comprehensive safety plan
  • 38001.5 District security officers; requirements if carry firearm


  • 626.9 Gun Free School Zone Act
  • 830.32 District police department; district decision to authorize carrying of firearm
  • 16150 Definition of ammunition
  • 16520 Definition of firearm
  • 26150-26225 Concealed weapons permit
  • 30310 Prohibition against ammunition on school grounds


  • 921 Definitions, firearms and ammunition
  • 922 Firearms, unlawful acts
  • 923 Firearm licensing


  • 7151 Gun-Free Schools Act; student expulsions for possession of firearm

Management Resources:


Policy adopted: August 11, 2016

Policy revised: June 7, 2018