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Testing & Test Results:MAP



What is MAP?

MAP or Measures of Academic Progress creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level. Students in Kindergarten (at some schools) and 1st grade take the Primary MAP Test which covers Reading and Math. Students in Grades 2-8 take the MAP tests in Reading, Language and Math.

Teachers use the MAP Test results to identify areas of strengths and challenges for their students, and design their instruction accordingly.  Results are also used to monitor progress over time, as well as compare scores to other students across the country.

  1. Parent Guides
    A brief overview of MAP testing for parents and students. English | Spanish
  2. Parent Pamphlets
    K–1 (PDF) English | Spanish
    2–5 (PDF) English | Spanish
    6–8 (PDF) English | Spanish
  3. Parent Orientation
    A more in-depth look at understanding MAP testing and your child’s progress.
    MAP Orientation for Parents: PDF | Powerpoint
  4. Sample Questions
    Take a look at the types of questions asked on the MAP test.
    Reading | Language | Math
  5. MAP Results


For more information, please contact Data and Assessment.