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Student Technology Use Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the iPad content get filtered? Even on my home’s Wi-Fi?

  • EUSD has installed software that forces the iPad to go through our web filters regardless of whether the iPad is at school or at home (or anywhere else).
  • No filtering system is 100%, so parents should always monitor their child when using technology.

What selection of apps does my child have access to on the iPad?

  • Students do not have access to the Apple App Store.
  • EUSD has its own App Store called Self Service.
  • These apps that have been vetted by EUSD teachers.
  • Students may download apps from Self Service as directed by their teacher.

What if the iPad gets lost or stolen?

  • Your child’s teacher should be notified immediately if an iPad is lost or stolen.
  • The iPads have tracking software installed.
  • When an iPad is reported lost or stolen,  the security system will make it no longer usable. Even if someone erases it.
  • Learn more…

Can someone remotely turn on the camera on the iPad when it is at home?

  • EUSD technicians do not have the ability to remotely turn on the camera.

Can a different case/cover be used on the iPad?

  • The frame around iPad is designed and tested to protect iPad from drops as high as 6 ft onto surfaces as hard as concrete. The keyboard itself is designed to withstand 2.3 ft drop.Logitech website
  • The EUSD issued keyboard and case should always be on the iPad.
  • The case should not be removed except by a qualified EUSD staff member.
  • Learn more about the keyboard and case.

Is it mandatory that my child has to take home the iPad?

  •  It is not mandatory that your child take home the iPad.
  • Your child will not be penalized.

Do we have to have internet access at home in order to use the iPad?

  • The iPad can be used for a variety of tasks that do not require internet access. For example: reading eBooks, word processing, recording, listening to downloaded audio, and many apps that do not require an internet connection.
  • Low cost Internet can be obtained through a special offer through Cox Communications. Learn more…

How much screen time is too much?

  • There is no one-size-fits-all solution in regard to limiting screen time… we encourage you to find the right balance for your family’s needs and lifestyle. Learn more…