Resources and Tools for Parents: Academic Resources

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2020-2021 Full Distance/Hybrid Learning

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Other Resources

  1. i-Ready Family Center
  2. Zearn Math for Parents
  3. Compass Learning Help Sheet (PDF)
    Support information.
  4. English Language Arts Resources for Parents
  5. English Learner Master Plan (PDF)
    EUSD’s District Vision of Education for English Learners.
  6. Math Resources for Parents
    Videos and documents that help explain math concepts your child is learning.
  7. Parent Roadmaps of the California State Standards
    Explore parent roadmaps of the California State Standards in Math & Language Arts in Kindergarten through 8th grade to help support your child.
  8. PTA: California State Common Core Resources
    Find out what your child will be learning, at each grade level, in Mathematics and English Language Arts with the new Common Core State Standards.
  9. PTA: Parents’ Guide to Student Success (PDF)
    This guide provides an overview of key things your child will learn, ideas to help your child learn at home, & topics to discuss with your child’s teacher.