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Integrated Student Supports:ISS Administrative Support

Tracy Schmidt

Direct line:

Patrick Newton

Responsibilities include: Supervision of behavior specialists, bullying prevention and intervention, and positive behavior interventions and support.

Peter Fisher
Behavior Specialist

Eric Solorzano

Responsibilities include: working with academy centers, interdistrict transfers, gang prevention and intervention, student discipline, supervision of middle school counselor, prevention programs, and safe school plans. 

Maria Osborn
Attendance Intervention Project Specialist

Responsibilities include: court hearings, juvenile diversion, student attendance review teams, student attendance review board hearings, and truancy intervention.

Alice Coronado
Social Worker, Project SUCCESS
760.746.2962 FAX

Responsibilities include serving as foster youth liaison, homeless liaison, military family liaison, and resource center. 

For your reference: School Social Workers and Counselors, organized by school site.