iPad Tutorials: Taking Care of the iPad

Cleaning the iPad

Recommendations and guidelines from Apple

Charging the iPad at Home

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What if the iPad gets lost or stolen?

  • Your child’s teacher should be notified immediately if an iPad is lost or stolen.
  • The iPads have tracking software installed.
  • When an iPad is reported lost or stolen,  the security system will make it no longer usable. Even if someone erases it.
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What if the iPad gets broken/damaged?

  • Your child’s teacher should be notified immediately if an iPad gets broken/damaged.

Cables and Ports

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cables shown being properly and improperly plugged into the iPad. If something gets stuck, tell your teacher.

Cables and Ports

Carrying the iPad

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multiple images showing correct ways to carry the iPad with two hands and incorrect ways using only one hand

How to carry the iPad

Keeping the iPad Cool

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Sun shining on iPad that has flames coming out of it. Keep it cool. Between -4 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep it cool!

Keeping Liquids Away from the iPad

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Keep all liquids away from your iPad. Line through water bottle. Wicked Witch next to a spilled bucket says no water.

Keep liquids away from the iPad