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iPad Tutorials:Self Service App for iOS

Self Service app icon

“How to” Guides

Users can install apps easily via the Self Service app. Just tap “install” next to the apps you want – they will begin downloading right away – no password required!

  • Technology Services recommends only installing a few apps at a time, especially during peak bandwidth-usage time at your school.
  • To conserve disk space on your iPads, install only the apps you are using in the near future.
  • Delete apps from the home screen to make more room
    • Press and hold on any app icon.
    • Tap the little “x” when the apps are in “wiggle-mode” to delete them.
  • If you want to install an app again, return to Self Service to reinstall.

Note: During periods of high network traffic (i.e. start of school), Self Service can become slow or unresponsive. Please keep your iPads on and connected to WiFI while waiting for apps to install.

Video Tutorials

Created by: EUSD

Play button when clicked leads to a tutorial video called Using the Self Service iOS App

Using the Self Service iOS App

Request an App (staff login required)