iPad Tutorials: Lost iPad Mode

Lost Mode icon Green circle and lock


What if an iPad goes missing?

If an iPad cannot be found, the teacher should call Help Desk immediately. 760.432.2150


Teachers can enable Lost Mode themselves. Learn how… (EUSD login required)

Does the iPad make a sound when it is in Lost Mode?

Yes. When an iPad gets put in Lost Mode, the volume is forced to its highest level and a sound gets played through the speakers (even if headphones are plugged in to it).

Click on the play button below to hear what it sounds like.

Can someone find the location of an iPad?

Yes, but only if the iPad has been put into Lost Mode.

What does the iPad screen look like when it is identified as lost?

iPad screen with a message saying — This iPad has been reported as lost. Please call 760-432-2150.

iPad Lost Mode

iPad screen with message saying, " iPad located. "

iPad Located