iPad Tutorials: Keynote App for iOS

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Create professional looking presentations that include animations, images, audio files, text, and videos. Presentations can be made to be interactive, or exported as movies.

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Keynote Overview

Adding Mathematical Equations

two sixths plus one sixth

Animating Slides

Audio & Video

Changing to Another Language



Links – Interactive Presentations

Password-protect a Presentation

Play Presentations

Presenter Notes

Keynote Templates


Download instructions, 1. Tap on the link 2. Tap on share 3.Tap on Copy to Keynote

Keynote Live

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Keynote Live is a feature in the latest version of Keynote that allows you to share a presentation directly to multiple devices at once rather that on a single screen. In other words, each student in your class could watch a the same Keynote presentation simultaneously on each of their iPads.

You must have the latest version of Keynote and have an Apple ID, (iCloud account). The district is working on getting EUSD Apple accounts for all teachers, but for now you will need to use a private account. Students should also install Keynote on their iPads for best performance.

Keynote Live can share slideshows to viewers anywhere using the web.