iPad Tutorials: iPad Troubleshooting

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Get Connected and Learn

Here are resources that describe the steps needed for our students to successfully Get Connected and Learn. These are also great references that provide ways to fix common technical issues. These resources are intended for our students, and any family members or staff that provide assistance to our students.

To learn how to use apps and features on your iPad, visit iPad Tutorials.

Is my iPad activated and named properly?

Is my iPad powered on and connected to the internet? — Internet and hotspot

Turn on your iPad

Check your wireless connection:  Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and ensure you’re connected to a wireless network

  • See here to connect to a hotspot.
  • Need to Reset Network Settings: Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Is my keyboard working?

  • Make sure the keyboard is properly connected.
  • Disconnect the keyboard and reconnect.
  • Restart the iPad.

Am I logged into Clever Portal?

Explore the Clever Portal for access to your teacher’s information, learning apps, and resources

  • See this video for logging into Clever.
  • Ask your teacher if you forgot your student ID or password.
  • Keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours to see your teacher’s Clever Portal if you’re new to a school or class.

Am I logged into Google Classroom or SeeSaw?

My class uses SeeSaw

  • Log into SeeSaw from the Clever Portal and see here.
  • Look for this icon:Seesaw icon

My class uses Google Classroom

  • See here for logging into and using Google Classroom.
  • You’ll need to sign in with your Student ID and Password. You can also access Google Classroom from the Clever Portal.
  • Look for this icon.
    Seesaw icon
  • Choose the teacher’s Google Classroom you want to access.

Are all of my apps there and working on my iPad?

  • Most of your apps are already available in the Clever Portal.
  • Some apps are pre-installed and can be accessed on your iPad.
  • If you need to get an app, go to Self-Service.
  • Look for this icon on your iPad screen:Self Service icon
  • See video.
  • If an app is not downloading:
    • If needed, Reset your network connection:  Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
    • Make sure that you have enough storage on your iPad: Settings > General > Storage
    • Try deleting the waiting icon – tap and hold down on an icon until it wiggles – then tap the X on the icon to delete it. Then try to download again.
    • Force a restart of the iPad. See here.

Am I able to join Zoom on my iPad?

  • Make sure that your iPad is properly named. Renaming instructions are included in the Student iPad Activation Instructions
  • Make sure that you have the Zoom app on your iPad.
  • Make sure that your iPad has the latest iOS version: Settings > General > Software Update.
  • See here for help on accessing your teacher’s Zoom meeting.
    • Check with your teacher where to find the meeting link.
    • Choose the right teacher’s meeting to connect with your class.

Am I able to get EUSD student resources?

Make sure to tap this icon on your iPad screen:

Student Resources Icon


  • Get access to grade-level learning materials.
  • See recommended apps for learning subjects.
  • Get access to library resources.
  • Get access to your school’s website and digital communication tools.
  • Learn about digital citizenship.

Am I able to use my iPad to learn and do more?

Make sure you visit iPad Tutorials. See here.

  • Learn about the features of the iPad.
  • Learn about Apple apps and how to create.
  • Learn about Google apps and how to complete assignments.
  • Learn how to get access to Books and about other apps that help with making videos and telling stories.

Am I able to use Lexia English?

View this guide. (English and Spanish)

Am I able to watch YouTube videos that have been approved by EUSD?

In order to watch videos that have been approved by EUSD, you’ll need to sign in to YouTube using your eusd.org account. Learn how.

Am I able to sign in with my Managed Apple ID?

Am I able to back up and restore my iPad?