Educational Services: Curriculum and Assessment

  1. Data and Assessment
  2. District Advisory Committee (DAC) 
  3. District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)
  4. Language Acquisition
  5. Language Assessment Center
  6. Testing and Test Results
  7. Data Dashboard: Facts and Statistics

Department Directory

This table lists EUSD’s Curriculum and Assessment staff along with their roles, phone numbers, and email addresses. TOSA is an acronym that stands for Teacher on Special Assignment.
Name Role Email Address Phone Number
Kathleen Sorensen Director 760-432-2380
Teresa Reyes Secretary 760-432-2362
Dr. Lisa Umekubo Coordinator,
Data and Assessment 760-432-2392
Krystle Miller TOSA: TK-8 STEM Coach 760-432-2316
Brenda Heil TOSA: TK/K-1 Math Coach 760-432-2363
Tammy Foster TOSA: 2-3 Math Coach 760-432-2363
Lisa Jaquess TOSA: 6–8 Math Coach 760-432-2363
Katy Maskiewicz TOSA: Newcomer Assistance / Dual Language Immersion Coach 760-432-2303
Stephanie Higginbotham TOSA: TK/K-1 ELA/ELD Coach 760-432-2305
Cristie Lake TOSA: 4-5 ELA/ELD Coach 760-432-2153