Departments and Divisions

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EUSD is organized into four administrative divisions and multiple departments working together to support the teachers, students, and parents of our district. All departments and divisions are listed below with phone number and website link:

EUSD Phone Directory and Additional Resources (EUSD Login Required)

This table alphabetically lists EUSD’s departments and divisions along with their phone numbers and links to their websites.
Division / Department Phone Number Website
Board of Education 760.432.2110 Visit Website
Business Services 760.432.2128 Visit Website
Curriculum and Assessment 760.432.2362 Visit Website
Data and Assessment 760.432.2392 Visit Website
Educational Services 760.432.2154 Visit Website
Extended Learning, Enrichment, and Intervention 760.432.2144 Visit Website
Facilities Planning and Construction 760.432.2382 Visit Website
Fiscal Services 760.432.2103 Visit Website
Human Resources 760.432.2321 Visit Website
Information Systems & Technology 760.432.2109 Visit Website
Integrated Student Supports 760.432.2247 Visit Website
Language Acquisition 760.432.2183 Visit Website
Language Assessment Center 760.432.2485 Visit Website
Maintenance and Operations 760.432.2421 Visit Website
NETs Induction: New EUSD Teacher Support 760.432.2137 Visit Website
Nutrition Services 760.432.2143 Visit Website
Payroll 760.432.2358 Visit Website
Publications 760.432.2140 Visit Website
Purchasing and Contracts 760.432.2387 Visit Website
Special Education 760.432.2179 Visit Website
Student Support Services 760.432.2247 Visit Website
Superintendent 760.432.2110 Visit Website