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In EUSD, we have continued to work on a realistic plan for the new school year, keeping the health and safety of your children and our employees as the guiding principle. The 2020-2021 school year will begin Aug. 25, with two learning models: Full Distance E-Learning and Hybrid Learning. The on-campus hybrid learning model schedules will be implemented virtually in a distance learning environment through Sept. 25, pending health conditions in the region.

For the latest district-related COVID-19 news, visit our Family Communications page.

Reopening FAQs


Learning and Instruction

Q: What learning model program will my child be assigned if I did not complete the program selection form?

A: If you did not submit a learning model selection form, your child will be placed in the hybrid model designated for their grade level: Modified Classic Hybrid Model for elementary or Two Full-Day Hybrid Model for middle school.

Q: How is the Full Distance Learning Model for 2020-2021 going to be different from the Distance Learning implemented when schools physically closed in March?

A: The new distance learning is very different from the former Distance Learning model used during school the spring 2020 school closures. Distance learning was an emergency response to the school closures, with limited live instruction and a temporary no harm grading policy.  Input from teachers, students, and parents have contributed to dramatic changes for EUSD’s Full Distance E-Learning Model. Virtual learning will adhere to a daily learning schedule, with letter grades and daily attendance, a more personalized learning approach and significantly more teacher-facilitated interaction and direct teaching of rigorous and engaging standards-based content. This model will also allow for a more individualized approach to learning that will allow students to accelerate learning as well as modify pacing based on the student’s individual needs.

Q: What does the elementary virtual hybrid model look like?

Q: What does the middle school virtual hybrid model look like?

Health and Safety

Q: Are face coverings required?

A: At this time, the California Department of Public Health requires all school employees and students in grades 3 through 8 to wear a face covering, face mask, or face shield while at school.  Students in grades TK through 2 are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering. The district will provide face coverings to employees and students if needed. Face coverings are not required when eating or drinking.

Q: What measures will be implemented on campus to ensure the safety of students and employees?

A: The safety of students and employees is EUSD’s No. 1 priority. For that reason, the district will follow all safety and health guidelines established by the California Department of Public Health and the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency to the greatest extent possible. The district’s health and safety protocols include:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting: Areas used by students and employees will be disinfected daily, with a focus on high-touch surfaces.
  • Temperature checks: Temperature and symptom checks will be required for all students and employees, and will be administered at specific entry points. If a student or employee has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, they will not be allowed onto an EUSD campus. If a student exhibits symptoms during the day, the student will wait in a designated location on campus to be picked up by a parent, guardian, or authorized caregiver.
  • Physical distancing: EUSD employees will encourage physical distancing throughout the day. Schedules will be developed to reduce the numbers of students in common areas during breaks and lunch. Class size maximums on elementary and middle school campuses, combined with specific arrangements of tables and chairs, will allow for 6 feet of physical distancing in all classrooms. Outdoor spaces also may be used as available.
  • Face coverings: At this time, the California Department of Public Health requires all staff and students in 3rd through 8th grade to wear a face covering, mask, or face shield while at school. Students in Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and 1st and 2nd grades are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering. The district will provide face coverings to employees and students if needed. Face coverings are not required when eating or drinking.
  • Hygiene: Staff members will regularly review hygiene practices with students, including  proper handwashing, avoiding contact with one’s eyes, nose, and mouth, and covering coughs and sneezes appropriately. Hand sanitizer will be available in all classrooms, office areas, and other high-touch, high-traffic areas. Additional handwashing stations also will be available on all EUSD campuses.

Employee Information

Q: I’m an EUSD staff member who was unable to attend the July 31 Employee Information Meeting. What did I miss?

A: You can watch a video of the meeting here. Topics covered include safety measures, leave options related to COVID-19, the reasonable accommodation process, and requests for working remotely.

Q: I have some questions after watching the presentation video. What’s the best way to submit my questions?

A: Please submit this EUSD employee question form. Depending on the type of question, you may receive a direct response by email or phone call, or the question may be included in Frequently Asked Questions information sheet for employees.

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