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Board of Education: Committee Assignments

EUSD has a variety of committees that advise and shape the work of the District in partnership with various stakeholder groups.  Board member assignments to these committees are as follows:

Budget Communications Committee

The district’s Budget Communications Committee consists of a representative from each school site, the education center, Maintenance and Operations, Special Education, the employee unions, administration, and the Board of Education. Committee objectives are to effectively communicate budget information to, and solicit input from, EUSD stakeholders. The committee meets four times a year. – Gardner, Muga

City-School Subcommittee

The School Subcommittee is designed to bring together elected officials from local government and the public school districts to discuss areas of mutual interest. The representatives from the City Council are appointed by the Mayor and currently are Deputy Mayor Michael Morasco and Council member Olga Diaz. The staff liaison is City Manager Graham Mitchell. – Harper, Paulson

County Joint Boards

When there is a need for board communication among neighboring districts or with the San Diego County Office of Education, the board president would represent the district for this purpose. – Paulson

District Advisory Committee

The purpose of DAC is to involve parents in the planning, development, and evaluation of Title I programs and services in the district. The committee is comprised of a representative from the the School Site Council at each school and a School Board representative. – Rotating

District English Language Advisory Committee

The purpose of the DELAC is to advise the district’s local governing board on programs and services for English learners. The committee is comprised of representatives from each school ELAC–English Learner Advisory Committee–and a School Board representative. – Rotating

District Insurance Committee

The district insurance committee is an advisory group that assists the district in recommending quality insurance benefits for the best value. Committee consists of representatives from Escondido Elementary Educators’ Association, Classified School Employees’ Association, management, supervisor/confidential, board members, and consultants. – Gardner

Escondido Assistance League Advisory Board

The Assistance League serves the unique needs and challenges of our community. Funds serve local needs, and services are locally designed, organized and carried out to fit these needs. – Paulson

Escondido Education COMPACT

The Education COMPACT is a partnership between the Escondido Union School District, the Escondido Union High School District, and the Escondido Chamber of Commerce.  The Education COMPACT is committed to providing innovative youth leadership development, youth workforce development, violence prevention and healthy/safety/well-being programs that remain consistent with the original motto: “Creating Opportunities, Making Partnerships and Connecting Teens.” – Paulson, Gardner (alternate)


GATE Collaborative

The purpose of the GATE Collaborative is to provide, selected parents, community members, teachers, and administrators an opportunity to become informed about Gifted and Talented programs and will serve as an advisory group to district staff as they, design, implement and evaluate services for the EUSD Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program . The committee is comprised of representatives from across the district to include all of the above listed stakeholder groups and two School Board representatives.
Gardner, Paulson, Altenburg (alternate)


New Teacher Induction Advisory Committee

The New Teacher Induction program is a State approved professional development program designed to provide opportunities for first and second year teachers to complete state requirements for attaining their professional clear credential.  Assigned Board members who participate on the Advisory Committee assist in program evaluation, development, and implementation.  They review program data and provide recommendations that provide support for beginning teachers and support providers throughout EUSD. – Altenburg, Harper (alternate)