News & Announcements: EUSD Honors 2017–2018 Employees of the Year

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Every year, EUSD honors some of our amazing teachers and classified staff. Here are the Employee of the Year honorees for the 2017–2018 school year:

District Teachers of the Year

Stephanie Glanz

Stephanie Glanz is EUSD’s 2017–2018 district-wide elementary school teacher of the year.

Stephanie attended EUSD schools as a child and, as a result, has been a member of the EUSD community for virtually her entire life. In fact, she currently serves as a first-grade teacher at Rose School — the very school she attended from kindergarten through fifth grade!

Stephanie began her career at EUSD as a speech pathologist. She has since taught kindergarten and first grade at Conway, Rock Springs, Reidy Creek, and Rose.

Throughout the course of her esteemed career, Stephanie has positively impacted hundreds of teachers across EUSD and beyond. Her depth of knowledge in learning theory, core content, special education, student engagement, and social and emotional learning are assets to our organization. She is a gifted and humble presenter and has repeatedly embraced any and all opportunities to deliver professional development, mentor other educators, and act as a liaison to the community for over three decades.

Furthermore, the degree to which Stephanie is willing to give of herself is virtually unmatched. Literally hundreds of families and children have been the recipients of her gifts of food, shelter, transportation, clothing, and other enriching opportunities. Her generous heart simply can’t bear to see any child or family remain in need. There is no limit to the time Stephanie will spend to do whatever is necessary to provide her students with the opportunity to feel safe and loved. In fact, over the years, countless numbers of former students and parents have returned to express their gratitude.

Danielle (Dani) Del Rosario

Danielle (Dani) Del Rosario is EUSD’s 2017–2018 district-wide middle school teacher of the year.

Dani started her EUSD career at Rincon Middle School in 2015 where she continues to serve as a seventh grade Language Arts / Power Literacy teacher. She has also served as the seventh grade team leader and a member of the Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) team.

Early in her career, Dani taught intervention classes at low-performing schools. As a result of that experience, she came to understand that meeting the emotional needs of her students is the key to building rapport and trust.

Over her years of service, it has become clear that Dani’s students are valued and respected from the moment they are greeted at the classroom door, and whenever they are seen on campus. Love and care are actions that are modeled in her classroom, and she is passionate about the subjects she teaches.

Dani believes that everyone is both a learner and a teacher as they reflect upon their strengths and share them to assist others. The teaching and learning in her classroom is both academically rigorous and individualized so that students of all ability levels are pushed beyond their limits in a safe and nurturing environment. By building a collaborative environment of shared problem solving and teamwork, Dani helps her students reach their goals and experience the satisfaction of personal achievement.

District Classified Employee of the Year

Dawn Stone

Nutrition Specialist Dawn Stone has not only been selected as EUSD’s 2018 district-wide classified employee of the year, but also as the classified employee of the year for all of San Diego County!

Dawn has been described by her colleagues as the epitome of a driven employee. She is committed not only to her assigned duties but also to helping others be successful in their efforts. Dawn collaborates in creating new recipes our students love, and her efforts ensure that all children throughout the district have healthy food to eat.  She is also the reason why many schools are now using hydroponic growers for produce.

Previously, Dawn served as the site nutrition manager at Lincoln Elementary School where she started the site Wellness Council and was a key player in building the student community garden. Lincoln’s garden was the first in the district to be approved by the Health Department, and the site harvested squash, jalapeños, and cherry tomatoes to be served at their salad bar. Recently, Dawn assisted in efforts to expand the endeavor as a “Garden to Café” project so students can continue to eat the produce they grow.

Dawn is also the co-chair to the Farm-to-Schools Task Force for all of San Diego County, and she recently accepted the role of regional coordinator for all San Diego County chapters of the California School Nutrition Association. In addition, Dawn recently received a scholarship for the Legislative Action Conference in Sacramento.

District Administrator of the Year

Carol Rouse

Fiscal Services Director Carol Rouse is EUSD’s 2017-2018 district-wide administrator of the year.

Carol began her career at EUSD 23 years ago as an accountant in the Nutrition Services Department. In July 2003, she was selected to become the district’s Fiscal Services Director, and she has held that position for 15 years.

Carol has a very difficult and complex job, and she always works long hours and on weekends to ensure that she provides exceptional quality. She is the consummate professional in that no task is too small or too big for her to handle. Carol consistently produces accurate, informative budget documents that are the envy of other districts. She also cares deeply for the people she works with, and she epitomizes the attributes of a servant leader.

Through her acumen, Carol has ensured that EUSD remains fiscally solvent. Her financial expertise and ability to forecast fiscal trends are remarkable. Even during the “Great Recession,” she managed to navigate the district through a very difficult time.

Finally, among the numerous positive qualities that she is known for, Carol has a quality that is often overlooked: common sense. This common-sense approach has served her well in solving financial challenges, as well as leading the 15 people in her department.

All Teachers of the Year

District Office

  • Yesenia Chavez

Elementary Schools

  • Bernardo:
    Gaileen Rautenberg
  • Central:
    Debi Iannizzotto
  • Conway:
    Lana Brady
  • Farr Avenue:
    Cynthia Meza
  • Felicita:
    Harriet Sibley
  • Glen View:
    Diana Kim
  • Juniper:
    Michelle Schall
  • Lincoln:
    Candy Longaker
  • LR Green:
    Gina Wagner
  • Miller:
    Mike McDowell
  • North Broadway:
    Karen Baca
  • Oak Hill:
    Kelly Dwyer
  • Orange Glen:
    Kimberly Ontiveros
  • Pioneer:
    Corina Martinez
  • Reidy Creek:
    Shannon Stewart
  • Rock Springs:
    Wendy Nelson
  • Rose:
    Stephanie Glanz

Intermediate School

  • Quantum Academy:
    Joseph Benson

Middle Schools

  • Bear Valley:
    Julia Conroy
  • Del Dios:
    Pamela Candelore
  • Hidden Valley:
    Jennifer Moon
  • Mission:
    Elizabeth Rodriguez
  • Rincon:
    Danielle Del Rosario

All Classified Employees of the Year

District Office

  • Dawn Stone

Maintenance & Operations

  • Larry Rouse


  • Bernardo:
    Aurora Maco
  • Central:
    Heather Neidner
  • Conway:
    Rosario Salazar
  • Farr Avenue:
    Jenny Cruz
  • Felicita:
    Deborah Keller
  • Glen View:
    Anna Wilson
  • Juniper:
    Kathleen Felland
  • Lincoln:
    Rita Batalla
  • LR Green:
    Gayle Lowery
  • Miller:
    Kari Lyons
  • North Broadway:
    Pablo Pablo
  • Oak Hill:
    Giannina Whiting
  • Orange Glen:
    Wendy Kerr
  • Pioneer:
    Evelyn Nieto
  • Reidy Creek:
    Dawn Polk
  • Rock Springs:
    Gabriela Grajeda
  • Rose:
    Rosalinda Bañuelos

Intermediate School

  • Quantum Academy:
    Irma Castellanos


  • Bear Valley:
    Rose Delgado
  • Del Dios:
    Patti Baldwin
  • Hidden Valley:
    Leticia Muñoz
  • Mission:
    Carmen De La Cruz
  • Rincon:
    Kelly Frankfather

Recognition of Years of Service

 20-Year Recipients

Patricia Acosta

Lisa Barrett

Elvi Benitez-Mackintosh

Patti Bostwick

Cynthia Bruemmer

Carol Clark

Alisa Cordova

Jenny Cruz

Deanne Demere

Carlos Downey Jr.

Robin Dury

Maria Fitzsimmons

Randolph Garcia

Maria Garduno

Jose Grajeda

Deborah Guizar

Christine Harris

Jean Hartley

Ruben Hernandez

Theresa Hoff

Stephen Jaquess

Douglas Johnson

Mark King

Helen Kirkbride

Alan Lessels

Melissa Martinez

Irma McCormack

Carrie McGibney

Adriana McSweeny

Jisela Medina

Araceli Meza

Graciela Murguia

Amy Murphy

Fawn Myers

Luz Nava

Aaron Nguyen-White

Charles Nichols

Evelyn Nieto

Timothy O’Brien

Omar Renteria

Gregoria Reynoso

Armando Robles

Juanita Rodriguez

Rosario Salazar

Paul Saulnier

Judith Schlatter

Jonathan Schoon

Claudia Seay

Sonya Shaffer

Lorraine Silva

Victoria Smith

Eric Solorzano

Denise Tate

Kathleen Taylor

Shannon Vinje

Martha White

 30-Year Recipients

Karen Baca

Patti Baldwin

Debbie Cagle

Suzanne Catalanotto

Nancy Kygar

Lynne Maletz

Bruce Peterson

Frances Peterson

Susan Poling

Leila Sackfield

Elizabeth Sevison

Harriet Sibley

Michele Slivnik

Jane Staples

Teresa Sylliaasen

Recognition of Retirement

Abel Anda

Gary Beckstrom

Constance Blackburn

Dave Bridgewater

David Bunker

Kathleen Burge

Lynn Byerly

Sylvia Cisneros

Diana Clark

Karen Curl

Deanne Demere

Leticia DiMartino

John Domingue

Calvin Draper

Kerry Fournier

Robert Henthorn

Lourdes Herrera-Gutierrez

Robert Hopkins

Debi Iannizzotto

Patricia Jeffers

Terri Kard

Darlene Kenar

Gloria Kunsman

Kari Lyons

Aurora Maco

Lynne Maletz

Diana Martin

Mary Jo Marx

Susie McDonald

Kay Mitchell

Jane Moses

Robert Nelson

Linda Netherland

Barbara Nordman

Kevin Petitte

Susan Poling

Linda Pratte

Pamela Putnicki

Cora Raedeker

Shirley Rochester

Stephanie Rubin

Gayle Schnorr

Patricia Smith

Cathie Swoboda

Patrice Whitney

Douglas Williams