News & Announcements: EUSD Honors 2016-2017 Employees of the Year

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Every year, EUSD honors some of our amazing teachers and classified staff. Here are the Employee of the Year honorees for the 2016–2017 school year:

District Teachers of the Year

Headshot of Dave Peterson
Dave Peterson

After working in the business sector, Dave Peterson taught in Orange County for 6 years. He then relocated to San Diego and began his career with EUSD. He has taught 4th and 5th grade at Juniper Elementary school for nearly two decades — and remains at Juniper today as a 5th grade teacher.

Over the years, Dave has mentored student teachers and made long-lasting community connections. He has been involved in EUSD’s most innovative programs: iREAD and Project LIVE. These programs gave his students increased access to classroom technology and earned them countless awards as young filmmakers.

A philosophy Dave teaches his students is that effort and attitude are within our control and will take us a long way toward reaching our goals. If you ask him how things are going, the response will invariably be “everything is fantastic!”

Headshot of Lana Albertson
Lana Albertson

Lana Albertson is currently a science teacher at Bear Valley Middle School, with experience teaching both regular and special education across many grade levels. She has taken on several leadership roles throughout her career, including: mentoring new teachers, participating in EUSD’s grant-funded STEM Initiative, and serving as the science department chair. She pursues innovation, recently integrating a student-choice-centered genius hour routine in her classroom.

Lana has her teaching philosophy posted on her door:

“We are becoming lifelong learners. I believe that each student in this class is entitled to a learning environment that allows students to be risk takers, to make mistakes and try again.”

Lana wants students to have fun learning, so they love coming to class. She is most excited to hear when students consider science as a possible career.

District Classified Employee of the Year

Headshot of Bulmaro Vigil
Bulmaro Vigil

Bulmaro Vigil demonstrates on a daily basis his dedication as a professional and works cooperatively with fellow workers, faculty and administrative staff. He is always willing to accomplish any task assigned to him and to help anyone who requires assistance. He is the first to volunteer for the toughest assignments and always follows any directives by saying “It begins with me.” He has the respect of the entire custodial and maintenance staff and treats everyone with respect and professionalism. His customer service is top notch.

Bulmaro is self-motivated and shows great interest in not only his job, but at any school site he works at. He is frequently requested by his coworkers and sites for assistance, in which he lends his skills and expertise to accomplish the goals required to complete the job on time. He serves as a mentor to new permanent employees and substitute employees, and is often asked to not only train new employees but also fill in for day custodians at the sites when emergencies pop up. He has volunteered to work overtime, on his scheduled days off, and to stay late to complete a task, and never has complained about going the extra mile. His work ethic is superb, the quality of his work is excellent, his attitude and attendance outstanding, and he is admired by all the school sites, his fellow coworkers, and the supervisory staff in Maintenance and Operations.

District Administrator of the Year

Headshot of Cesar Carrasco
Cesar Carrasco

Cesar came to the district in 2002 and has served as an assistant principal as well as a principal at two of our school sites.  He is a hard working instructional leader who is both student centered and a champion for his staff.  He is always striving to apply his knowledge and experience to ensure that our students have the opportunity to actualize their human potential.  We congratulate and salute Cesar for his positive work on behalf of students and staff here at EUSD.

All Teachers of the Year

District Office

  • Krystle Miller

Elementary Schools

  • Bernardo:
    Crystal Hanel
  • Central:
    Anna Clark
  • Conway:
    George Williams
  • Farr Avenue:
    Rosalinda Amador
  • Felicita:
    Katie Lyon
  • Glen View:
    Karla Garduno
  • Juniper:
    Dave Peterson
  • Lincoln:
    Shira Sandell
  • LR Green:
    Terri Kard
  • Miller:
    Stephanie Higginbotham
  • North Broadway:
    Sheralynne Taylor
  • Oak Hill:
    Kristen Moss
  • Orange Glen:
    Heather Bruder
  • Pioneer:
    Kathy Johns
  • Quantum Academy:
    Susan McKeon
  • Reidy Creek:
    Alisa Cordova
  • Rock Springs:
    Donna Watson-Baier
  • Rose:
    Lebrac Fletes

Middle Schools

  • Bear Valley:
    Lana Albertson
  • Del Dios:
    Tim O’Brien
  • Hidden Valley:
    Rob Steward
  • Mission:
    Gary Kirshen
  • Rincon:
    Dena Moore

All Classified Employees of the Year

District Office

  • Abel Anda

Maintenance & Operations

  • Bulmaro Vigil


  • Bernardo:
    Lorri Frandsen
  • Central:
    Ruben Hernandez
  • Conway:
    Susana Arce-Sierra
  • Farr Avenue:
    Luisa Iniestra
  • Felicita:
    Laura P. Aguilera
  • Glen View:
    Olivia Paramo
  • Juniper:
    Jackie Mendoza
  • Lincoln:
    Katherine Chapman
  • LR Green:
    Mary Davis
  • Miller:
    Vicky Malecha
  • North Broadway:
    Greg Nava
  • Oak Hill:
    Michelle Kemp-Zempoalteca
  • Orange Glen:
    Dolores Monroy de Hernandez
  • Pioneer:
    Carmen Mendoza Fuentes
  • Quantum Academy:
    Robert “Bob” Nelson
  • Reidy Creek:
    Leticia Santos
  • Rock Springs:
    Pat MacLean
  • Rose:
    Gloria Parra


  • Bear Valley:
    Marie Winnard Gaines
  • Del Dios:
    Carol Clark
  • Hidden Valley:
    Noemi Navarrete
  • Mission:
    Enrique Alvarado
  • Rincon:
    Alma Perez

Recognition of Years of Service

 20-Year Recipients

Jennifer Baehr

Teresa Baird

Dora Batalla

Kari Bishop

Kimberly Blackwell

Rachel Brawdy

Pamela Candelore

Karen Cavanaugh

Tamara Centofranchi

Sylvia Cisneros

Julia Conroy

Kerry Coox

Carrie Cox

Christina Devlin

Calvin Draper

Steven Ellis

Donald Ewald

Diana Eyres-Wright

Cynthia Feeney

Miguel Feldt

Francina Flaherty

Lebrac Fletes-Reynoso

Graciela Fragozo

Erin Freitas

Olivia Fridell

Irma Gonzalez-Yassai

Ann Greenan

Laura Guajardo

Julie Hastings

Kimberly Herrera

Heidi Hess

Diane Johnson

Marcia Karadashian

Holly Kaye

Laura Kiersnowski

Kenneth Lebsock

Alfred LeGear

James March

Isaac Martinez

Heather McCrimmon

Elizabeth Melo

Maria Mendez

Tracy Middleton

Elizabeth Mirabelli

Leslie Moon

Kimber Morton

Nancy Narron

Amy Palacios

Carmen Peralta

Lisa Pitard

Linda Pratte

Cora Raedeker

Glenda Reid

Maribel Reyes

Lorena Reynoso

Lisa Roach

Michelle Robertshaw

Tracey Robson

Mary Rosso

Laura Ruggles

Hilarie Rydbeck

Maria Saavedra

Gayle Schnorr

Karen Schoell

Paul Simpson

Catherine Stringfield-Jimenez

Diane Todd

Gabrielle Tyler

Valerie Valentine

Victoria Valenzuela-Howe

Michelle Van Der Schaaf

Melody Villa

Casey Vogel

Andrea Von Esch

Lupe Wallner

Janet White

Shannon Wrzeski

 30-Year Recipients

Karen Baca

Kim Buhler

David Bunker

Kim Comes

Catherine Dulaney

Deborah Iannizzotto

Wanda Malich

Mary Marx

Laura Rader

Stephanie Rubin

Ellen Schwartz

Deborah Seever

Jennifer Tompkins

Terri Winkle

Marie Wisma

Recognition of Retirement

Pamela Anderson

Judy Burns

Libby Campbell

Thomas Catalanotti

Carolyn Denenberg

Judith DeYoung

Stacey E. Dillard

Jodie Eichberger

Mandana Fallah

Jill Fergison

Mary Gaddis

Robert Garrett, Jr.

Maria Theresa Gillo

Steven Goldman

Jeanine Gostenhofer

Kathie Henthorne

Virginia Horton

Kathy Johns

Laura King

Gloria Kunsman

Carolyn Leffler

Richard Levine

Krystyna Maiorano

Vicky Malecha

Janet Manier

Jeffrey Mann

John Materiale

Luanna McDowell

Charmaine McWilliams

Linda Nelson

Susan Paul

Paula Pendell

Michael Steres

Catherine Stringfield-Jimenez

Vicki Sullivan

Theresa Tugwell

Donna Warner

Deborah Whitty

Gerald Will